cattle antibiotic, swine anthelmintic, oultry feed additives, swine Antiprotozoal

  • Antibacterial / antibiotic
  • Medication for an animal with a prescription

Florfen 200 Liq.

Florfen 200 Liq.


  • Special
  • High concentration bacterial disease treatment!
    • High concentration of florfenicol solution, effective in treating complex respiratory diseases, streptococcicosis, and colibacillosis
    • Absorbed quickly, medicinal efficacy comes quickly, and tissue penetration is excellent, so it is easy to reach the treatment concentration of the infected area.
    • As a liquid form with excellent solubility, the fluorfenicol titer is stably maintained even in a diluted state, thereby exhibiting a definite therapeutic effect.
  • Main
  • (Each 1L contains) 200g of florfenicol
  • Efficacy /
  • A. Chicken
    - Colibacillosis

    B. Pig
    - Pleuropneumonia, pasteurella pneumonia, streptococcicosis, mycoplasma pneumonia
    The following doses are diluted in drinking water and administered orally once a day for 5 days.
  • Usage /
  • A. Chicken
    - Dilute 0.1 mL of this agent per kg of body weight in drinking water

    B. Pig
    - Dilute 0.05 mL of this agent per kg of body weight in drinking water
  • Withdrawal period
  • Chickens - 5 days (not for layer chickens)
    Pig - 16 days
  • Effective
  • 24 months from the date of manufacture
  • Storage
  • Store at dry room temperature (1-30℃) away from direct sunlight
  • Packing
  • 500mL, 1L